Blistered Romanos with Roasted Tomato Gochujang Sauce

Romano beans are a true summer treat! They stay sweet and crisp even after braised, and these romano beans get a serious flavor boost from a roasted tomato, garlic, and gochujang sauce. It’s sweet, a little spicy, and crunchy (thanks to the roasted almonds). Best of all, it’s easily made vegan (though I would highly…

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Black Garlic Salsa Verde

Say hello to your new favorite summer sauce. Here, Italian salsa verde, a piquant mixture of parsley, capers, anchovies, lemon, and EVOO, gets a savory boost from the addition of fermented black garlic. It goes well on just about anything, but is particularly delicious smothered on grilled or roasted vegetables, fish, and steak, or slathered…

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Radicchio Salad with Balsamic, Chili Crisp, and Black Garlic

I’ve made a lot of recipes over the years, and but this may be my favorite. Radicchio is tossed is a sumptuous mixture of balsamic vinegar, chili crisp, and black garlic, resulting in a sticky sweet and deeply savory glaze that perfectly balances radicchio’s bitterness. Did I mention its vegan and gluten free? Recipe Notes…

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Roasted Maitakes with Gochujang Butter

These gochujang and butter roasted maitakes pack some serious wow factor as a vegetarian dinner centerpiece. Due to maitake’s loose structure, the craggy fronds get crisp and deeply caramelized, while the stems remain lusciously tender and buttery. This has quickly become a house favorite, as it’s easy to throw together, while boasting some serious funky-umami…

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Charred Spring Veg with Miso Butter and Chili Crisp Panko

Spring is in the air! Spring onions and radishes are charred then tossed in a savory miso butter and topped with spicy chili crisp breadcrumbs. Recipe Notes You could certainly use asparagus or another spring veg of your choice here, just note that cooking times bay be different.

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Crispy Fish with Celery Olive Salsa Verde and Charred Broccolini

Fish and green sauce go hand in hand, so this crispy skin sea bream with celery and olive salsa verde and charred broccolini is a perfect table centerpiece. Recipe Notes If you are new to crispy skin fish, I will outline the technique below. However, I highly recommend reading through this tutorial first. You will…

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Simmered Squash with Pickled Pine Nuts and Chili Oil

We all love a roasted squash dish in the winter, but this recipe is here to prove that simmered squash, in all its soft, comforting glory, deserves a spot at your dinner table. I was inspired to embrace mushy squash after having an incredible banchan from Joodooboo in Oakland: winter squash simmered in anchovy dashi.…

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Roast Chicken Breasts with Miso Kumquat Chutney

To me, kumquats taste like pure sunshine. Their sweet skins (which are completely edible) balance their bracingly sour juice, making for a perfect bite. This roast chicken breast with miso kumquat chutney is a great example of using the fruit’s brightness to break up the richness of a winter meal. The chutney itself is a…

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Charred Cabbage with Buttermilk Feta Dressing and Toasted Hazelnuts

I love a good knife and fork salad, and this charred cabbage with buttermilk feta dressing and toasted hazelnuts exceeds all my wintery salad dreams. It’s both fresh and hearty, making it seasonally appropriate but also a wonderful way to break up the richness of whatever stew or roast meat you serve it with.  Recipe…

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Udon with Spicy Tomato-Miso Cream and Tobiko

I’m a big fan of Italian-Japanese fusion (two of my favorite cuisines… in one? Say no more!), so these glossy, saucy, udon noodles with tobiko hit all the right notes in my book. Loosely inspired by mentaiko pasta (another Japanese-Italian hybrid involving cod roe and lots of cream), this dish utilizes tomato, miso, and chili…

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Celery and Radicchio Salad with Dates, Pine Nuts, and Parm

This is my favorite crunchy winter salad. In fact, it  may be my favorite all time salad. Here, I combine salad tips and tricks I have learned over the past few years: the wonder that is the Via Carota salad dressing (Nytimes), the magic of combining celery and dates (Bon Appetit), and the fact that…

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Salmon with buttery pine nut chili crunch, yogurt, and herb salad

Think: the easiest salmon, marinaded quickly in soy and honey, then broiled until caramelized and tender, served with a swoosh of yogurt, a lime sesame herb salad, and a generous drizzle of a decadent buttery pine nut chili crunch. Can you get on board? Recipe notes The buttery pine nut chili crunch is a quick…

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