radish salad

Radish Salad with Citrus Walnut Vinaigrette

Are you in dire need of something vegetal after your thanksgiving feast? Enter, this vitamin-rich, supremely satisfying, salad. It’s got crisp radishes, briny ricotta salata, peppery microgreens, little pomegranate seed jewels, and a super mustardy citrus walnut vinaigrette

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Super Herby Lamb and Wild Rice Soup

This lamb and wild rice soup is piquant and refreshing, thanks to the addition of fresh herbs, seranno chilies, and lots of lime. Why this recipe works: Adding in the herb/garlic/chili mixture at the very end maintains the freshness of the ingredients. Cooking and storing the rice separately keeps it from getting soggy. Cumin and…

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Honeynut Squash Soup with Spiced Cream

Honeynut squash, butternut’s tinier and more intensely flavorsome cousin, makes this fall classic soup even better. What’s a honeynut squash? Developed by Chef Dan Barber, of Blue Hill at Stone Barns fame, and plant geneticist Michael Mazourek, this palm sized gourd boasts a more concentrated flavor profile than the butternut squash because of its reduced…

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Celery Salad with Pecorino and Togarashi

Celery is easily one of the most underrated vegetables out there, and this celery salad is here to prove otherwise. It’s ⅓ of the classic french mirepoix, which adds a vegetal note to so many classic stews and soups. The stems can be eaten raw or cooked, and the leaves can be used as an…

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Black Bean Soup with Sichuan Peppercorns and 5 Spice

This black bean soup is a distant cousin of the classic tex-mex standard. Plump beans float in a thick and heavenly broth, spiced heavily with tingly Sichuan peppercorns and Chinese 5 spice. Top with togarashi and creme fraiche (or avocado) for a filling and easily vegan supper for a slow rainy Sunday. Sichuan Peppercorns –…

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roasted garlic mushroom and onion soup

Roasted Garlic, Mushroom, and Onion Soup

What do you get when you cross french onion, cream of mushroom, and 40 clove garlic soup? This baby is packed with roasted garlic, toasty mushrooms, and caramelized shallot flavor, and the classic french onion cheesy topping takes it to the next level.  Trust the process and don’t rush This isn’t a “get dinner on…

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Spicy Bean Stew with ‘Nduja and Shrimp

This shrimp and bean stew gets a serious boost of flavor from ‘ndjua– the spicy and spreadable salami from Calabria. ‘Nduja-what? ‘Nduja is a spicy pork salami from the Calabria region of Italy. It gets it’s signature flavor from the region’s namesake product (and my all time favorite ingredient): Calabrian chilies. ‘Nduja also has a…

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Kale Salad with Pancetta, Brioche, and Pecans

There are summer salads–crisp, refreshing, and perfect for dining outside on a hot day–and then there are winter salads: nutty and richly flavored, with copious amounts of cheese or cured meats, perfect for pairing with a humble roast chicken or slow cooked stew. This kale salad falls under the later category, with crispy nuggets of…

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Creamed Leeks with Navy Beans

Rich and comforting creamed leeks gets a pantry-friendly update with a few cans of white beans, lots of herbs, and citrus. Creamed leeks & Beans: Step by Step First, thoroughly clean your leeks by removing the green stems, cutting them in half lengthwise, and running under cold water. Leeks hide a lot of dirt in…

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Smoky Eggplant Pasta with Spicy Breadcrumbs

This pasta has a secret, a savory smoky secret. At first glance, the sauce appears to be a standard tomato-cream concoction, when in reality it gets a serious boost of flavor from charred eggplant mash. You start the process the same way you would make baba ganoush: charring whole eggplants on the grill until the…

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Crispy Shredded Brussels with Za’atar, Pomegranate, and Feta

We all know that shredded brussels are great for salads, but did you know you can roast them up nice and crispy as well? The brussels get sweet and tender in the oven, which pairs well with pomegranate, feta, mint, and lots of za’atar. How to Shred Brussels Sprouts You can buy pre-shredded brussels in…

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