salad with kimchi apricot vinaigrette

Super Crunchy Salad with Kimchi Apricot Vinaigrette

This salad has quadruple the crunch thanks to purple cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, and sunflower seeds. The star of the dish is the vinaigrette, which is made from kimchi brine, apricot, and sesame oil. It’s subtly spicy, a bit funky, and pleasingly sweet on the palate. Add a protein of your choice for a balanced lunch or dinner, or just enjoy as is! 

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stone fruit panzanella

Panzanella with Summer Stone Fruit

await the start of summer eagerly, holding off on my cravings until I know i can get the real deal: the umami-packed and obscenely plump tomatoes of my dreams. When the tomatoes are this good, you have the celebrate them, and this stone fruit panzanella is the perfect way to pay respect. Crusty bread soaks up a tangy vinaigrette made from the tomato juices, sherry vinegar, and shallots. Best of all, crisp nectarines or peaches add an extra juicy twist to this Italian classic.

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bean salad with chorizo vinaigrette

Bean Salad with Chorizo Vinaigrette

Rounding out our picnic series, this bean salad with chorizo vinaigrette is a dream. The salad gets better as it marinades and tastes great cold or room temp, so it’s a perfect match for long drives to the beach. Spanish chorizo adds funky salinity and crunchy onions and summer tomatoes add nice contrast to the…

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slow roasted salmon with aji verde

Cold Slow Roasted Salmon with Aji Verde

For a picnic lunch or easy weekday meal prep, try this chilled slow roasted salmon drizzled with Peruvian aji verde. Slow roasting the salmon results in melt-in-your-mouth fish, which tastes even better when chilled. Serve on top of dressed greens or on a sandwich with your choice of crisp vegetables. For more picnic and barbecue friendly…

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elote pasta salad

Elote Pasta Salad

Just because we can now be inside with people doesn’t mean we have to! This picnic or barbecue friendly dish brings the spicy, salty, and creamy notes of Mexican street corn (elote) to an easy to prep and travel-friendly pasta salad. For more picnic and barbecue friendly dishes, click here. What is Elote? A masterclass…

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kumquat ceviche

Ceviche with Kumquats and Yuzu Kosho

Let’s talk ceviche! A seemingly intimidating dish, ceviche is actually incredibly easy to prepare at home. Here, we simply marinate chunks of firm white fish and sliced kumquats in a punchy lime-yuzu kosho mixture and finish with lots of bright crunchy vegetables. Unlike most citrus fruit, kumquat skin is entirely (and enjoyably) edible. The skins…

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roasted tomato coconut soup

Spiced Tomato Coconut Soup

Want a super flavorful soup on the table that needs only one pot and less than 10 minutes of active time? What if I told you it was also 100% vegan, despite being luxuriously creamy and satiating. Celebrate the start of tomato season with this spiced tomato coconut soup! Roasting the tomatoes first concentrates the…

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grilled lamb chops

Grilled Lamb Chops with Radish Pistachio Salsa

Nothing screams summer more than the smell of grilled meat, and these grilled lamb chops with radish pistachio salsa are perfect for your next cookout. The lamb is rubbed with two of my favorite spice blends: North African ras el hanout and Middle Eastern za’atar. Made from paprika, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, paprika, and a long…

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Yogurty Cucumber Salad with Paprika Oil

This cucumber and radish salad is perfect for your next barbecue or potluck! Dress up crisp cucumbers and radishes with lots of dill and lemony labneh (or yogurt) and top it all with a salty paprika garlic oil. It comes together in about 15 minutes and can certainly be made in advance, just mix in…

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Grilled Sardines with Preserved Lemon and Pepper Relish

Grilled sardines are a classic Spanish tapas, and for good reason– they are cheap (like $2-$5 a pound), sustainable, delectably oily, and easy to punch up with different spices and flavors. A bit different than their canned counterpart, fresh sardines are often bigger and fatter, making them the perfect appetizer to tear apart with your…

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spicy shrimp salad

Calabrian Shrimp and Avocado Salad

If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I have a pretty big obsession with jarred Calabrian chili paste. It’s quite an incredible product: punchy and bright chili flavor with some subtle fermenty funk, all enveloped in the the most luscious spicy oil you have ever tasted. My go to brand is…

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Tonkatsu Salmon

Tonkatsu Glazed Salmon with Creamy Miso Slaw

Adding to my repertoire of super easy salmon recipes, this tonkatsu glazed salmon with creamy miso slaw exceeds all my expectations for a weeknight meal: ready in about 20 minutes, healthy but still fun (enter: mayo), and uses the absolute minimum number of dishes. Tips: For 4 filets of salmon, this recipe makes enough slaw…

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